Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ChemLumniary Awards at ACS San Francisco Meeting

Tonight was the ChemLuminary Awards. This is a big night for ACS volunteers because it is the night when the ACS committees recognize the work of the ACS volunteers who run the programs for the membership. The North Jersey Section was nominated for several awards. We won the "Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award" for our "Careers in Transition" program that help members to obtain new positions in industry and teaching.
Here is a photo of Val Kuck accepting the award from the Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs and Katy Hunt President elect of the ACS.

The other award that our section won is the "ACS Student Affiliates Chapter Interaction Award"
Here is a photo of Bill Suits accepting the award from Joe Heppert Chair of the Society Committee on Education and Kathy Hunt President Elect of the ACS. Posted by Picasa

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